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Future Us

Service Design, Group Project, 2019

Future Us is a Term 1 project that my team and I worked for three months.  

At the core of every service are people who work, deliver, and create value for a business and the customer. For this project, our team focused on the future of work, particularly the future of teaching, to be able to build a new vision of how their work needs to be redesigned to accommodate technological, social, and economic changes within the near future.

According to our research, changes often happen in the UK schooling system. Competition based curriculum practices and lack of resources in the UK's State schools, causing students to become distant to their school and become more apathetic to their teachers who try to strive and prepare them for the future.

Especially in the UK,  teachers have to go under 'long hours of work with insufficient wages face stress; therefore, they suffer from mental health issues causing 'teacher burnout.' According to recent news, "The number of teachers signed off with stress almost doubled in the past five years." That means if this continues and we won't take action, the number of teachers will decline about double their size and leave the future of this sector uncertain. 

For this reason, 'Future Us' creates a service that will allow a collaborative program that can be implemented in the UK's secondary schools to treat the lack of communication between students and teachers and create empathy among them.

By collaborating with charities and sectors from different areas in different boroughs of the UK, we are designing exciting activities with our open and accessible platform. Students and teachers can improve their skills and learn with joy to use their talents in different areas. On our platform,  we encourage students and teachers to work together to regain a sense of value.

As a result, this service aims to open doors of thinking, interaction, and new ways of learning into the UK curriculum and protect the essence and the value of teaching while transforming the existing form of education into better systems.









“If my classroom promotes inquiry and values student - teacher choice and voice as a part of the learning process, I’m sending the message that I value students as partners in learning.”

 -Lindsay Ann

Persona Journey

Problem Framing & HMW?

Given that secondary school students display lack of engagement and respect for their



How might we encourage students to empathies and relate more to their teachers, so they can value their input and ultimately built a better student-teacher relationship.




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