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Service Design,Group Project, 2019

In this two-week research project, we worked on how we might improve the police registration for international students so that their arrival in the UK can be performed smoothly and welcoming. 


We conducted research both with going through the processes by ourselves as students and also conducted observations and interviews with Ovro and student support departments from RCA and Imperial College.


According to our research:

1) Many students try to carry out the police registration procedures in one place on the same day due to the time constraints and fear of penalty they may receive.

2) The police registration department Ovro cannot renew its digital systems because it does not have enough funding. Also, people working in the Ovro department are numerically insufficient, and their skills to use digital tools is low.

3) Schools and student support departments want to work with Ovro as they see this as an opportunity to stay in close contact with students. However, this is not possible since there isn't any effective system to be introduced to the schools or Ovro.


As designers, we saw the need for a service, and we worked on a solution that could facilitate the lives of many people for a better with small design intervention.


This registration system, which will be utilized on digital and physical platforms, starts with RCA opening the Ovro registrations through moodle. The student receives a reminder from student support and then accesses the necessary information and procedures with their email address. 

The information of students will be collected by RCA and the school to inform the police station on the student information such as; the number of students coming and their visa information.


Once Ovro has the details of students, it sends registration slips to the school for the distribution. At this point, students collect their registration paper and complete the pre-registration at school. In order not to forget the appointment, the stickers are provided by the which also contains registration details with QR code. Finally, the student who completed everything before, at school, arrives on to their appointment date at Ovro and completes the final registration process.

Project made with Conor Mc Donald Heffernan (MA Service Desig), Jihyeon Park (MA Service Design),

Jing Qian (MA Service Design), Yaxin Zheng (MA Service Design).

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